The desert landscape is my beloved subject. It is a place where, instead of chasing the light, I simply allow the light to capture me. My favorite moments are when desert light transforms ordinary sandstone into otherworldly formations. Viewers often see sunlit sandstones only for their radiant and saturated colors, so I deliberately chose black and white presentation to expose their beautiful forms, rich with textures and complex geometries. My approach to sandstone photography is to capture both its roughness and its softness, to show that it was formed from sand and will turn into sand again, to convey the message that nothing is lost in the universe.


The “Eternal Forest” is located in my home state, New Jersey so I can visit this place over and over to experience conditions that are never the same. This place is an ideal illustration of my hidden landscape, an inspiration that should not be overlooked.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in a kayak, gliding along ancient trees that are submerged in a mysterious fog and touched by magical light.